[CT Birds] Worm-eating.......Cooper's?

twomirers at comcast.net twomirers at comcast.net
Tue May 7 21:02:58 EDT 2013

Our local Cooper’s Hawks do not appear to be nesting in our white pine as they did last year, but we see them around the house often. At dinner time, we watch one out our window perched in a large hemlock. Sometimes, it drops to the ground and appears to be picking up something. We joked that it is hunting worms. 2 days ago, as I watched it on our front lawn with binoculars (I had the binocs, not the hawk), I saw it pull an earthworm up through the turf and fly away with it. Has anyone seen this behavior before? There is no mention of earthworms as a food source in Bent, or in the Dover reprint of “American Wildlife and Plants-a Guide to Wildlife Food Habits (Martin, Zim and Nelson). Considering the abundance of songbirds at my feeders, I was really surprised by this. 

Also, this afternoon, our local Broadwing Hawk reappeared in our back yard after a long tropical vacation. It nested in my neighbors yard last year, and appears to be returning to that exact spot. 

Rob Mirer

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