[CT Birds] Hamden Eagle Chick

Michael F Horn mfhorn at whitmancontrols.com
Thu May 9 14:56:49 EDT 2013

It is my sad lot to tell you that the State St Hamden Eagle Chicks are down
to one. I haven't seen the little guy in days. All I see now is One Big
Feisty Robust Chick. Its primaries are about 3 to 4 inches already. It
constantly stands up in the nest and flaps its wings which have a span of
about 2 feet already. It has been out of its egg for about 17 days give or
take. It now has the attention and food from both parents to itself. The
three birds seem completely unbothered by cars or the trains. The north
bound trains have a "W" on a post which means they are to start their 2
longs, a short and a long whistle blasts right under the nest. Again - no
reaction. The male has a dark green tube on his left leg which may or may
not mean he is from New Jersey..That and I thought I heard him say..Yo! I'm
nestin here. Mike Horn - Hamden

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