[CT Birds] Birds around CT

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Thu May 9 16:36:30 EDT 2013

I travel a lot for my job, taking programs from the Children's Museum to schools around the state. I was in Windham this week, working with solids + liquids with the kids, when I looked out the classroom window and was distracted by a turkey walking across the playground. I did not know they went to school. (Also that day, by the side of the road where 384 turns into rte 6, saw a coyote.)

Today, en route to Manchester, I noticed an Osprey flying into a nest atop an electrical tower where 15 merges with 84 east. Stopped by Laurel Marsh before heading to my school today. Among others, there were approximately a zillion Yellow Warblers, all singing loudly; a Solitary Sandpiper (fittingly, alone) and a Northern Waterthrush. A few people mentioned the dearth of Baltimore Orioles, there was one singing in the marsh.

And in the Adorable dept: the marsh also had a mama Mallard trailed by 9 ducklings, and the Kildeer at the museum have a pair of junior peeps.

Here's hoping for fallout bounty (and weather we can enjoy it in),
Jonah Cohen

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