[CT Birds] Birdcraft Highlights

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Fri May 10 10:34:28 EDT 2013

5/10/13- Fairfield - Birdcraft Sanctuary- 50 species, Great Crested Flycatcher,Blue-headed &Warbling Vireos,Ruby-crowned Kinglets,Veerys,Wood & Hermit Thrush,3 Ovenbirds,3 Northern Waterthrush, 8 Black & White Warblers,6 Common Yellowthroats,6 American Redstarts,5 Northern Parula,3 Magnolia Warbler,1 Blackburnian,4 Yellow,5 Blackpolls,5 Black- throated Blue,2 Yellow-rumped Warblers,1 Prairie,3 Black-throated Green Warblers,female Scarlet Tanager
I was joined by 6 other birders after my original posting.

Tina Green 
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