[CT Birds] Danbury,Tarrywile Park

Kevindoyle01 kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Fri May 10 18:07:02 EDT 2013

Danbury,Ct. very decent day more male Bobolinks than I could count many flying around in groups of 15-20. Very melodic song I'd assume looking for females. Last year I spotted only one for the entire season. I'm assuming they arrive in mass every other year. Also numerous yellow warblers, orchard & baltimore orioles, red wing black birds on the wing looking for mates and nesting sites, a few swallows defending what nesting boxes are left. Lastly one red tail hawk with a deformed wing seen many times being pestered by crows & red winged black birds.To finish 3 hawks seemingly 2 males vying for the attention of one female.Tarrywile for those unfamiliar with is located in Danbury with many fields set aside for nesting birds, plowed trails for walking also blazed hiking trails ... mountain biking and dogs as long as they are leashes. And to finish the Tarrywile Mansion which can be viewed by appointment and let me say it's a beautiful mansion that depicts the way wealthy loved in the early 20th century' there's also a castle that's seen it's better days and was once the main house for the property. There's talk about a restoration but many millions are needed to get the project going. One never knows what you'll see here but it's worth a visit if you've never visited the property.

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