[CT Birds] This is more like it!

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Fri May 10 18:09:06 EDT 2013

After my complaining yesterday, I'll just say that while I wouldn't liken today's conditions where I was to a fallout (think Point Pelee or High Island, birds dripping from trees, etc.), it was pretty darn entertaining out there. I ran a path from Portland down through Cockaponsett SF in several towns and across to New Haven in search of various town bird needs, many of which were filled. I personally found BT Greens, BT Blues, Black and Whites, parulas and, somewhat oddly, Worm-eatings to be particularly noteworthy in their numbers. The latter was probably more striking to me personally as they're not as numerous in northern CT, where I do much of my birding. 

The eagle nest in Hamden provided my town bird for that locale. That thing is REALLY close to US 5. There were about ten non-birders gawking at it and taking pictures when I arrived. So much for them requiring vast amounts of solitude in order to nest! 

The only bad thing about today is that it's over. 

Jamie Meyers 
Canton, CT 

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