[CT Birds] Conn College Arboretum this morn

Sailcarm sailcarm at aol.com
Sat May 11 13:29:11 EDT 2013

My husband and I birded for a while this morn in the Conn College Arboretum (New London) until the rain started to come down heavy.   We only had time to bird around the pond area and one nearby wooded slope.   Not a lot there, but we still had some nice birds.

There is a huge dead tree with snags which has fallen into the pond and the snags are providing great perching spots over the water and hence providing some excellent photo ops.  I was able to take some good pics of both an E. Kingbird and a Rough-winged Swallow as they kept on coming back to the same perch.  The RW Swallow was a life bird for Carmin.

In addition to the RW Swallow and the Kingbird, other highlights were:

1 Black-throated Blue Warbler, f.
Several N. Parulas
1 Black and White Warbler
several Yellow Warblers
1 Common Yellowthroat
1 Baltimore Oriole
1 E. Phoebe
2 E. Towhees
1 Red-shouldered Hawk (RS Hawks are frequent nesters here)

And that was it!   Not a lot of swallows on the pond, and first time I have been there without hearing thrushes.   Far from the bonanza of birds I had yesterday in Nehantic SF!

a yard first, or perhaps second, this morn: a Wood Thrush in the apple tree near the feeders.   Also 1 Towhee, and my Catbirds are back.  No hummingbirds yet.  (had to spell out hummingbird, 'cause my iPad changes the shortened version to "bummer"!:)

Carolyn and Carmin Cimino

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