[CT Birds] Warbler location help tomorrow

Joseph Cala joejr14 at aol.com
Sun May 12 14:03:44 EDT 2013


Looking for some help on where to go tomorrow to add some warblers to the list.

I live in Vernon but have no problem driving anywhere in the state to come up with a 20 species day. Ill make multiple stops for specific birds if it makes sense. 

My warbler list so far is fairly pathetic and mostly the common stuff. What I'd like to knock off the list would be: black-throated green, Nashville, Tennessee, Canada, worm eating, cerulean, blackburnian, chestnut sided, Wilson's, prairie, hooded, golden winged, mourning, and cape may would be awesome. I realize many of these are passing migrants so its a hit or miss. 

Also should mention that id really like to get some decenct photos of as many as possible. 

So any suggestions? I've also never been to places like Bent or East Rock so some directions and specifics would be most helpful. 


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