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Dave Provencher hikerbirder at gmail.com
Sun May 12 16:06:14 EDT 2013

I started hiking about 06:30 in light rain. The rain continued getting
heavier till about 09:00 or so. I lost a couple of miles worth of birding
due to the rain and its noise in the forest. Not to mention getting pretty
wet myself.  Had 6 Parulas, 2 Magnolias, 3 Blackpoll, 1 Tennessee, 1 Hooded
(but skipped an area where there usually is more), 1 Yellow-rumped, 4
Ceruleans, 2 Black-throated Blue, 5 Black-throated Green, and the usual
breeders for 21 warbler species. Red-eyed vireos were abundant today as
well as many Yellow-throated Vireos, Wood Thrush, Orioles, Tanagers, etc. 4
Hummingbirds but no Cuckoos. Most species were found at least in part along
the forest road with only the Hooded and Chesnut-sided being
only found away from the road. Red Efts on the trails today as well. Wish I
had more time to explore, having to head home at 11 am after only 14 miles
hiked and several good areas still unvisited but it is mom's day of course!
Longer hike tomorrow.

Dave Provencher

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