[CT Birds] East Haven Skimmers

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Sun May 12 16:59:36 EDT 2013

Seen in LIS and the Farm River from my kayak: 3 Black Skimmers; 2 Black Belly Plover; 3 Oyster Catchers; a nesting B/B Gull; several Purple Sandpipers; many Ruddy Turnstones; Willets; Common and Least Terns; several Great Crested Flycatchers; many Swallows (Tree, Barn and Rough winged); many nesting Osprey, including one building a nest on the canopy of a motor boat!; one Common Loon; one R/T Loon; one Spotted Sandpiper; a Snowy Egret;  and a great view of the SS Thomas Jefferson.  Call me a Happy Birder!

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