[CT Birds] East Rock Park, early afternoon

Sailcarm sailcarm at aol.com
Sun May 12 21:29:40 EDT 2013

On my way to New York today I stopped off at E. Rock Park at noon for a bit of birding.   I spent some time across the street from the museum parking lot where the Orchard Orioles hang out but most of my two hrs were spent on the river walk.


FOY Orchard Orioles, 6
FOY RB Grosbeaks, 3
5 Baltimore Orioles
5 Warbler species: Redstart, Yellow, Yellow-rumped, Black and White, C. Yellowthroat
Many Warbling Vireos
Many Catbirds
2 Wood Duck
1 Osprey
1 RT Hawk

A nice afternoon walk made even better with the sounds of Warbling Vireos, Catbirds, and Yellow Warblers all around with an occasional Oriole or Grosbeak chipping in.  

The Wood Ducks were a nice treat.  Near the parking lot I discovered a W Vireo nest and enjoyed watching the two Vireos as they were bringing nesting material back.

Carolyn Cimino

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