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Steve Morytko smorytko at yahoo.com
Mon May 13 08:08:31 EDT 2013

Joseph Cala recently requested directions to state-wide birding sites where he might hope to find particular species. Some of you may be aware of the COA website's Birdbot page that now has the beginnings of what I hope will become a structured, portable guide to all the "major" birding sites in CT in map form with concise text summarizing important aspects of each site including: seasonal ratings; habitat description; a summary of specialty birds; and directions. All of this is (or will be) readily accessible from your home, tablet, or phone. Currently there are some issues with the development software that limit mobile access to the map but it is hoped that will be addressed by the Google development team in the near future.

For now only "major" (subjective), publicly accessible birding sites will be described. There are very likely many major sites that are not currently listed. The project is intended to provide static content and will only rarely be updated once a site is accurately described. It will not replace detailed descriptions of a site you may find in a publication or on another website. No copyrighted materials will be used - original content only in all descriptions. And yes, there are many possibilities to enhance the project limited by current application software functions (no hypertext linking for instance), scope, time, and wo/manpower.

This project is very much under development and needs assistance from the CT birding community. Many sites currently lack descriptions but a few are near complete - Boston Hollow in Ashford for instance. If you know an important CT site well and would be willing to describe it in a very structured way (template provided) please contact me. If you have suggestions also contact me directly - DON'T clog the CTBirds list with comments please!

Visit the COA website at: ctbirding.org/birdbot.htm   the map is last in the list of links near the top of the page.

Steve Morytko
Ashford, CT
smorytko at yahoo.com

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