[CT Birds] East Rock: 20 warbler species, Acadian, gray-cheeked, etc.

Mark Scott tillercat at yahoo.com
Thu May 16 12:19:03 EDT 2013

>From Mark Scott:
5/16/13 -- East Rock Park, New Haven/Hamden (in variety of spots, including Giant Steps, river path, Trowbridge Drive) -- with Dori Sosensky, Richard Payne, Kerry [sp.?] Conrad, Richard Prum, Sol Satin and many observers -- 20 warbler species, including Tennessee, Nashville, chestnut-sided, magnolia (many), Cape May, Blackburnian, blackpoll, Canada, Wilson's; gray-cheeked thrush; Acadian flycatcher; Eastern wood-pewee; and white-crowned sparrow

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