[CT Birds] Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Philadelphia Vireo, West Hartford Powerlines

Sara Zagorski penguinsz at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 16 18:06:04 EDT 2013

5/16 - Rt 44 powelines, West Hartford

It was a slow start to the morning at the powerlines, but eventually I ran into a small flock of mixed warblers. Not the numbers and dazzling array others had to our south and west, but some nice birds. My FOY Canada Warbler and Indigo Bunting,with the usual assortment of warblers: blue-wing, BT green, BT blue, prairie, blackburnian, magnolia, ovenbird, chestnut-sided, LA waterthrush, ovenbird,black and white. Yellow-billed cuckoo was a nice surprise, as was a Philadelphia Vireo in with the mixed flock. 

Sara Zagorski

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