[CT Birds] Lyme- Hartman Park: YBCU, WEVI

Joseph Cala Joejr14 at aol.com
Sat May 18 15:33:00 EDT 2013

Spent a few hours this morning birding Hartman Park, specifically under 
the power lines.

Countless blue-winged and yellow warblers, a handful of prairie warblers 
and redstarts, 1 scarlet tanager, pair of eastern towhees, grosbeaks, 
R-T hummingbirds, lots of Chipping and Field sparrows, at least 2 
white-eyed vireos.  Score of the day was finally getting one of at least 
3 yellow-billed cuckoo to finally come out and show himself--put on 
quite a show for a couple of minutes before flying back into the 
thickets.  Thank you to Russ for mentioning that he heard a couple as he 
was walking out and I was walking in.

A quick scan through the parking lot area yielded phoebe, numerous 
ovenbirds, worm-eating, thrushes, and more redstarts.  Didn't see or 
hear any ceruleans.

Pictures of the cuckoo and vireos for those interested:

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