[CT Birds] ID help, wish I had brought a camera

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I also had thought of Yellow-rumped but the song was much burrier than the buzzy song of the Yellow-rumped, and the Blue winged.  I've heard plenty of them in the past and even this year and it did not compare to them at all.  Also the breast was all yellow, not just below the wing.  The song was closer to Black-throated Blue and Black-throated Green in quality.  I'm familiar with the zee-zee-zee-zoo-zee and trees-trees-murmuring trees songs of the Black-throated Green.  Are there other variations?  I'm also familiar with several Black-throated Blue songs (both are "yard birds" at my camp in New Hampshire) but I've never heard them give the ascending note at the end.
    I just got my computer back up (monitor crapped out last Thursday) but my new monitor doesn't have speakers.  Once I get a set, I want to check some websites for birdsongs to see if I can ID it.  Can anyone recommend a site that gives a lot of the variations, in addition to the traditional songs?
Thanks for your help,

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Have you listened to some of the variations of a Black-throated Green Warbler song?

John Marshall

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