[CT Birds] Brewster's Warbler Nehantic

Dave Provencher hikerbirder at gmail.com
Wed May 22 21:44:18 EDT 2013

Today while hiking past the Hooded Warbler area in Nehantic SF I pished in
a number of birds. I had quite a wild scene going with 3 sp of vireos, 5 sp
of warblers, towhees, catbirds, orioles, gnatcatchers, and more all at
once. One of these mobsters was a Brewster's type. I had such a bird there
last year and I'm pretty sure this the same one though last year it was
singing trisyllabic  and this year it is sounding traditionally
Blue-winged. It looks largely Blue-winged except instead of two whitish
wing bars, it has two broad yellowish bars that merge with one another.
Another interesting thing was that two of the Hooded Warblers were singing
alternate songs already which sounded like a complex version of Olive-sided
Flycather. Well sorta kind of! After the pishing was over one of the birds
reverted to primary song.

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