[CT Birds] Bennett's Pond Ridgefield mourning Warbler 5/27

A W antpitta8 at yahoo.com
Mon May 27 10:19:11 EDT 2013

Bennett's Pond, Ridgefield 5/27 

Mourning Warbler - facing trailhead sign near parking lot (the one with the map) go right a few yards to trail barrier at Bennett's Farm Road.  MW was in thick shrubs on your left.  When I returned 2 hours later the MW was on the other side of Bennett's Farm Road.

Hooded Warbler - facing trailhead, go left @ 100 yards.  HW on right of trail.

Black-billed Cuckoo - two birds.  One across Bennett's Farm Road (where MW seen).  Second bird at upper large field along southwest edge.

Thank you to all veterans!

Allan Welby

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