[CT Birds] Yellow-bellied Flycatcher / Black Tern

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Mon May 27 17:39:58 EDT 2013

Went looking for unusual birds on big lakes here in NW CT this morn. First 
though went to Bakersville swamp. There I saw several Alder Fly which nest 
there, and other regular stuff. Went to Maple Hollow rd - way north I stopped 
and saw a nice Yellow-bellied Flycatcher! On to Barkhamsted...

Saw 1 C Loon, but another was interesting with a brownish head. I forgot my 
scope - DAMN! On to Colebrook Reservoir...

What was I thinking! Memorial day and the place was jumpin! With people and 
Boats-lots of boats! Left going west towards Canaan. At a pond on Colebrook Rd? 
I saw a female Hooded Merganser with 5 young. Neat...On to twin...

At Twin Lakes the same - boats, boats, boats! and Fishermen/woman. Saw one DC 
Cormorant and all the Swallows and 30 plus boats! On to Canaan MT...

Here at the top of the Mt were many birds calling. (Here, man made noises are 
rare, so I could hear birds so well.) First time this year hearing so much 
action. Nothing unusual, but had 10 Species of Warblers with several 
Bay-breasteds. Also a Sharpie around-must be nesting here. At the Reservoir 
though, I hit it! There, way out at the back end was a Black Tern flying about. 
Made my day! Seeing this bird in total silence, cept for the wind in the trees. 
There is a Common Loon here all the time, but today, I saw another with it! I 
will keep looking to see if possibly nesting. It is 1,400+ feet up here. To cap 
the day, I spotted a Dekay's snake crossing the road - Haven't seen one of these 
in ages!

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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