[CT Birds] Boston Hollow, Ashford, our pair of Acadian Flycatchers is back! Hermit Thrush

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Mon May 27 23:13:18 EDT 2013

I have been checking the spot where the Acadian Flycatchers  nested last 
year, but found nothing until yesterday, when I was certain I heard  2 distant 
calls about 3 minutes apart. It was so windy and loud I could have  easily 
missed others. 
This morning it was calmer, and when I got to the spot I heard  what I 
thought was a Least FC calling. But the bird Tee'd up in the sunlight  about 30 
feet away and I could see it was not a Least, even though it was making  
only a single note call.  A few minutes later a second bird showed up and  the 
first one began chasing, and then started the typical 2 syllable Acadian  
call. I hadn't realized they had a single note call, but I found recordings  
of it. 
I made my own recordings of both  calls and also of a Least for comparison, 
and  there is a difference in the single note. It was still quite windy and 
I  had to use noise reduction, so the background sounds strangely silent, 
but here  are links to the recordings and pics: 
Acadian, one syllable:
Acadian, 2 syllable:
Pics of Acadian (female, wasn't doing the  calling):
Pics of a BH Purple Finch (looks like he could use a  comb):
When I first got to BH this AM there was a Hermit Thrush singing, just  
short of the first parking turnout on the right. My favorite song, and this was 
 one of the best I've ever heard. I stood in the middle of the road and 
listened  for 20 minutes.
This follows a pattern I've noticed the last few years in BH. The HETH are  
there in early May, then disappear for 2 or three weeks. I know most just 
go on  through, but a few stay and nest. And for some reason they start 
singing  again about 2 or 3 weeks later.  This was the first one I've heard since 
 around May 15th.

Don Morgan

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