[CT Birds] bears and birding

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Tue May 28 20:36:59 EDT 2013

The advice others have given (and on the dep website) is good. Black bears are generally very wary of people, and if you make a lot of noise/hold your arms up to look imposing, they're likely to get the heck away from you post haste. If you're ever in the western U.S., that tactic will not work on the brown bears/grizzlies. (Note that black bears come in several colors, including brown, but if you see a bear in CT it's a black bear.)

Also, if you're going to park your car in bear territory, don't leave anything sugary in it. It's not just an ethnic stereotype, bears are suckers for honey and other sweet stuff and can smell it easily.

Unless surprised (or actively harassed), snakes of any kind are extremely unlikely to bother people. I suspect Mr. Kleinman can offer more serpently advice.

Jonah Cohen

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