[CT Birds] Birding and bears

SOPHIE ZYLA sophiezyla at snet.net
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Hi Dan,
I have had a few bear encounters through the years with no ill effects. Make noise, don't run or let them get into your food, and don't get between mom and young. You can also get a small whistle to hang off your pack. We did 'run' into a mom in the woods of MA and she took her cub some 200+ ft off-trail and sent it up a tree while she stayed put at the bottom and watched us leave. We had a bear in our campsite in the Adirondacks that was just happy to get a bag and enjoy some treats while we watched. I've been pretty close to one in New Hampshire that was very busy enjoying berries. People are really not on their menu so typically they will leave and often it is before you see them. I've also had encounters with both rattlesnakes and copperheads with no problems. We've even stayed to take photos of them. Again you are too big to be prey. Just back away and they will often continue on their way. While you enjoy this great opportunity to have some
 interaction with the wildlife that inhabits our woods. Remember we humans are the hunters and much of wildlife does not want the encounter with us.
You may enjoy "Among the Bears: Raising Orphan Cubs in the Wild" by Bengamin Kilham & Ed Gray for some easy summer reading. There is quite a bit of bear behavior, science, and humor to get you engaged.
Happy trails!
Sophie Zyla
Beacon Falls

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Remote birding:  The more I hike in NW CT the more I am concerned about a bear encounter.  I am planning on a number of summer hikes along the Appalachian and other remote and private trails.  Any advice from the birding community.  Bear mace?
(Not to mention the rattlesnakes)

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