[CT Birds] Viney Hill Brook Park, Essex

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Tue May 28 21:31:37 EDT 2013

This morning (Tuesday)-unable to locate the Lawrence’s Warbler, though I did turn up 6 Blue-wings. Partial consolation was provided by the presence of 2 Yellow-billed Cuckoos, one of which I was able to watch engaged in courtship display. One bird (presumably the male) would raise his head up high and lower its tail, then lower its head and upper body and raise its tail straight up, showing off the undertail pattern. It did this 4 or 5 times over about 2 minutes. An alternate explanation is that 2 males were involved and the one that was visible (the other was heard only) was providing nonauditory encouragement for the other to go away. There seems to be a good number of cuckoos (of both species) around this spring compared to some past seasons, even though there does not appear to be a population explosion of any of its caterpillar prey. 

Rob Mirer

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