[CT Birds] ID help -- Snow Goose or other?

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 30 16:03:39 EDT 2013

Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for sharing those photos. Those are sure two odd-looking geese. They 
appear a bit larger than the nearby Brant, and are probably traveling with them. 
 They are showing features that suggest Brant X Snow Goose hybrid to me.  (dark 
bill, orangey legs, etc.)

In doing a quick online search, I found this page with photos of other possible 
hybrids, some of which resemble the birds you saw:


Frank Mantlik

From: Elizabeth Medina-Gray <emedinagray at gmail.com>
To: ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org
Sent: Thu, May 30, 2013 2:34:38 PM
Subject: [CT Birds] ID help -- Snow Goose or other?

I saw two unusual geese this morning among a group of about 40 Brant at
Silver Sands State Park, and I'm uncertain about ID. Pictures here
(unfortunately not super high quality because I couldn't get very close):





These don't look like any Snow Geese I've seen before (the dark beaks and
uneven gray splotches are especially throwing me off), but is that what
they are? (Blue morphs, or juveniles?) Or is a hybrid Snow Goose x Brant a
possibility? Or something else? The geese were on the shore at the eastern
end of the park at around 10:00 AM.

Elizabeth Medina-Gray
Seymour, CT
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