[CT Birds] Snow Goose or Other?

james.bair at snet.net james.bair at snet.net
Thu May 30 20:10:35 EDT 2013

Dear Elizabeth,

The bill does suggest a Snow/Brant type hybrid. The problem is that the geese that hang out at the park by the Milford Green often go to Silver Sands. While I have not seen the same geese that you have in the photo, over the years I have seen other unusual “hybrid” geese. There was one, for example, that may have been a legitimate Canada/White-Front hybrid, but it could also have been a domestic Greylag/Canada hybrid. My initial reaction is they may be hybrids with a domestic white goose. However, because they do not appear to have the pot belly of most domestic geese and because they may have been with some Brant, they could be hybrids. However, if you do see them hanging around the Milford Green or City Hall, chances are they are domestic crosses. 

Jim Bair

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