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Kevindoyle01 kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Thu May 30 20:48:47 EDT 2013

After seeing last nights news on the plight of the common tern I can attest at least at MP they are thriving with excellent numbers from my observation and being dive bombed. I spotted at least 8-10 terns sitting on what seemed to be nests and everytime spooked they returned. Also photographed 2 pairs matting (a 1st for me) and numerous males I assume with fish trying to attrack females doing a neat little dance.

Also numerous ruddy turnstones a whimbrel I think, more peeps than one could count and terribly upsetting only 2 piping plovers.

The ospreys are moving along I guess. From what I could tell no chicks just from the way the adults were acting. A lot of moving sticks and material around. Several rouges approached the
nest and were chased away only then did the female sit on the eggs as the male flew off to points unknown.

All in all a spectacular day to spend on the water.

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