[CT Birds] singing thrushes

Kaye Danforth danforthpainting at mac.com
Sat Jun 1 07:07:55 EDT 2013

During summer my husband and I enjoy our early morning coffee out on  
the porch, listening to the birds singing from the surrounding woods  
and fields.  One of the highlights is when the thrushes begin to teach  
their young to sing proper songs.  Patiently, the adult runs through  
it's verse, and then the youngsters give it a go and scramble  
everything.  I can imagine the parent shaking it's head, no no no-  
like THIS...   This happens for a few days, and eventually they catch  
on.  I've heard both hermit and wood thrushes go through this  
"schooling", but never a veery.

Kaye in Hinesburg, VT

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