[CT Birds] Wood Thrush question

Gary Witte wirthwitte at att.net
Sat Jun 1 14:18:26 EDT 2013

I had Wood Thrushes singing all summer, late into the summer, in western NY and 
the last 2 years in Milford. This spring, I heard and saw "my" Wood Thrush 
singing morning and evening this spring for a few weeks but suddenly-not a Wood 
Thrush to be heard. I also had Red-eyed Vireos last year but I don't hear them 
this year. 

Sooo...I'm hoping the theory that they are late or too busy successfully nesting 
applies and not: Coopers Hawk/ female failed to show so male moved on/ 
inexonerable extirpation of species. The quality of life at my property has 
definitely plunged as far as I'm concerned without  Wood Thrush song!

-Winie Wirth, Milford

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