[CT Birds] South Dumpling Island eider (NY)

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 4 21:43:35 EDT 2013

I know longer get out to South Dumpling Island (a New York island on the Connecticut border off of the east end of Fisher's Island) since I switched 
schools.  A former colleague, Mike O'Connor, was there recently with Project Oceanology 
and reported ten Common Eider nests and "lots of adults".  He also said 
that there was a coyote on the island and lot of dead gulls and 
cormorants.  He mentioned that the birds did not look torn up.  The small island is less than a mile from Fisher's and there is plenty of food there this time of year for a coyote.  I wonder how this will play out.

Glenn Williams

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