[CT Birds] counting at cedar hill (and Rock Cats!)

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Sun Jun 9 16:19:55 EDT 2013

Doing some summer count in Hartford area at cedar hill cemetery, and goodwin park. Foliage was thick but weather was beautiful. Nothing super wacky, but a few nice finds:

Green Heron (in the first pond in the left when you enter)
Peregrine Falcon (2, cruising overhead)
Black Vulture (and one of the several turkey vultures was up top, perched on a phone pole just beyond the fence)
Cedar Waxwings (showing themselves readily)
Northern Flicker (14 of them, seemed like a lot)

Conspicuous by their absence: Rock Dove, Cowbird... and cicadas. No complaints there.

In an unrelated sighting, while heading into the stadium for a Rock Cats game in New Britain last week, we saw a big nest in the light platforms up above the high school stadium, and flying out of it: Monk Parakeet.

Baseball has been very very good to me,
Jonah Cohen

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