[CT Birds] SBC highlights in Old Greenwich/Riverside

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Sun Jun 9 20:54:26 EDT 2013

>From Meredith Sampson w/ Cynthia Ehlinger & Debby Ethridge:6/08-09/13 - Old Greenwich, Greenwich Point -- YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO, BROWN THRASHER.                    "           "      , Tomac Cove -- YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT HERON.                   Riverside, near Riverside Yacht Club -- MARSH WREN. Also sighted:  3 Common Loons, 3 Brant, Spotted Sandpiper.What was notable and odd was the very low numbers of gulls, ducks.On an up note:  36 Chimney Swifts were sighted - quite an increase over previous years.At the Riverside martin colony:  18 adult Purple Martins, 58 eggs, no hatchlings yet.Overall, an unusual and not very encouraging Summer Bird Count. Meredith SampsonOld Greenwich

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