[CT Birds] sparrow halo

Gary Witte wirthwitte at att.net
Tue Jun 11 08:40:59 EDT 2013

I made a sparrow halo for my hopper bird feeder and it works!!!

Before Halo, all of a sudden my sparrow problem got much worse. I had a whole 
flock of 8-12 House Sparrows, 4-5 cowbirds and 2-3 starlings that lived at my 
feeder. The sparrows were swishing their beaks from side to side, flinging seed 
out to the ground-feeders. ( Really, guys? Really? Is that neccesary?)  They 
were going through a gallon of seed in less than a day.

 I purchased a peony support ($1.60) that was a ring and three legs. I bent two 
of the legs so it was a circle with an equal sign across it. These parallel bars 
then rest on the gable of the feeder, and I tacked them in place.  I hung 4 
fishing lines covered with vinyl (for jewelry making) at the corners with 
washers tied to the ends.  The halo extends out about 4" and the strings hang 
down about 4" past the bottom. It's unobtrusive, as the circle's green vinyl 
coating blends in with the greenery, and the strings are clear.

 After Halo, there are a male and a female sparrow who are rarely on the feeder, 
and no sign if the rest of the clan. I see one male House Sparrow trying out the 
suet and the niger, which he ignored before. The cowbirds still use the feeder, 
but only two, and the grackle is using the suet only. No sign of the 
starlings.The seed lasts 2 days.

The other birds stayed away the first few days, and came back hesitantly, with 
much wing-fluttering and hovering, but one by one they've figured it out-the 
woodpeckers, titmice, house finches, cardinals and even a mourning dove. The 
suet-eaters were also hesitant to approach-much wing-fluttering and fly-bys the 
first few days, but now they're all back- the woodpeckers, the catbirds, the 

-Winie Wirth, Milford

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