[CT Birds] Sunday Cicada Excursion

twomirers at comcast.net twomirers at comcast.net
Sun Jun 16 21:28:09 EDT 2013

Alberta and I also visited the North Branford cicada site (at 3 p.m.) on the southeast corner of Lake Gaillard. We topped our Father’s Day Sundae with hundreds of these beauties dripping from the trees and shrubs (they seemed to be especially attracted to multiflora rose). Many were dead in the road; many more were still alive in the shrubbery, but were inactive (no mating seen). Perhaps the females have already deposited their eggs and were fixin’ to die. And yes, there were a lot of Ring-billed Gulls circling. The chorus was delightful-not as loud as I anticipated (maybe quieting down by this date?). We cruised all the neighborhood streets. The hottest spot was on Bailey Drive and Bailey Drive Extension just SW of Beech St. 

Rob Mirer

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