[CT Birds] Hammo

John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 16 23:34:26 EDT 2013

Killdeer with two newly hatched chicks
Marsh Wren ( Heard and observed )
Two Black Crowned Night Herons, I initially was observing a single
Night Heron perched on a tree overlooking the creek that runs under
The in/out roadway a couple hundred feet south of the fee booths.
A Snowy Egret flew down and let out a screech as it landed on the edge
Of the creek and flushed what was two herons, one must have been at
Creek edge and the egret was not happy about it. both the herons flew
To the other side of the road and perched together in a tree overlooking
The creek. 
For those of you who who are not already aware of, say goodbye to the 
Shorebird rainpools in the nature center / meigs point large grass ??
Parking area. The park/state has filled them in. I hope this is not a trend....
But hope is not reality...the sad reality is that this is the way hammo has always
Been, cash cow for the state, for the visitors and not the wildlife, 
Anyone who has ever driven or walked past the east beach small paved parking
Area late evening in late april early may, even up to now, that rainwater collects there
And the Fowlers Toads emerge and start calling and mating. at least thirty to fifty.
There is a huge rainpool covering that parking lot now, the state or park managment
Will soon fill that area and bye-bye fowlers toads..... they have already paved 3/4 of
The gravel/sparse grass parking area at east beach,that was a prime and favorite nesting
Area for killdeer at least 4-5 active nests per season. no more........just the one mom and
Two young. really tragic and sad to see what is happening there...

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