[CT Birds] Westport Orchard Orioles

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 18 07:26:03 EDT 2013

6/18/13- Westport-CT Audubon Tree Farm- 4 Orchard Orioles, 2 adult males,1 adult female,1 1st summer male in a tight group allowing for incredible photo ops( if only I had a camera and knew how to use it)

If you want to be surrounded by Cedar Waxwings, come to the tree farm. And I watched the Turkey family for about ten minutes while they preened up on a clump of vines on the ground. Unfortunately, there were only 4 poults instead of 5 this morning. 
It was a visually stunning morning again with the trees and grasses laden with morning dew and the smell of honeysuckle filling the air. 

Tina Green
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