[CT Birds] Ospreys

Kevindoyle01 kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Thu Jun 20 12:50:03 EDT 2013

Milford Point Thursday morning while photographing and observing the ospreys who were peacefully going about their bussince (not spelled right) the male on the guard post female & chick twp idiots in a red kyack with yellow oars decided they dock right under the post. The male immediately saw them let out a warning and took off immediately followed by mom. While affording super action shots this is not how I wanted by human interference. Both birds were flying around wildly finally the female returned then the male with the idoits only slightly moving away. I can't believe kyacker's don't know the rules/law to stay away especially when the birds were going crazy. Anyway that's the nitty from MP.

Larer !!!

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