[CT Birds] Meshomasic State Forest

Kathy and Jeff Dunning mihmdunning at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 13:55:38 EDT 2013

Greetings -

While visiting my folks in Glastonbury, this Coloradan decided to get
in a brief morning birding excurion to Meshomasic State Forest.  I
entered via Clark Hill Road in South Glastonbury and drove only a
couple of miles stopping frequently to listen and search for birds
that aren't so terribly common in the west.

Along the big cut for the powerlines just before entering the state
forest, I found a nice assortment of birds, the best being two singing
males of both Prairie and Blue-winged Warblers (any day which starts
with both BWWA and PRWA is going to be a good day).

In the forest itself, I found stunning numbers of Red-eyed Vireo,
Cedar Waxwings and Ovenbirds still singing quite vocally.  Smaller
number of Wood Thrush, Veery, Scarlet Tanager and Am. Redstarts kept
me on my toes.  The flycatchers were similarly vocal with Least
(several), Acadian (1) and Great Crested rounding out the chorus.
Final treats were a couple of Black-throated Green Warblers and a pair
of Broad-winged Hawks soaring over the woods.

All in all, a great morning to be out.

Good birding,

Kathy Mihm Dunning
Denver, Colorado (currently roosting in Glastonbury)

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