[CT Birds] Hammo Today

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 23 13:43:55 EDT 2013

From Dan Rottino:  Madison, Hsmmonasset-- 2 Boat-tailed Grackles near the Willard's Island Pavilion.  1 Little Blue Heron in marsh east of the nature center and 1Little Blue X Tricolored Heron Hybrid in the boulder pond.  

P.S. We arrived at 8am, The place is jam packed as I am leaving now at 1:35.  The east end of the park was just closed since the lots are full.  Most of the west end lots are nearly full and cars are backed up at the entry booth.  I've never seen anything like this here as I usually prefer the off-season.  There was even someone (fishing? with a net) In the Swan pond.  Many dozens of kites in the Willard's island marsh too.  

Dan Rottino

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