[CT Birds] Fwd: Hammonasset and the Road Millings

Michael Richardson msr042377 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 09:42:59 EDT 2013

I think that if the DEEP had asphalt scrapings, and they had a choice of
what to do with it, their option to recycle the material for a project they
deemed necessary makes more sense than dumping it in landfill.  CT has
plenty of non-public locations they could have used to dump the asphalt, so
I highly doubt that Hammonasset was their first choice if it was their
intent to simply get rid of the stuff.  My belief is that their stated
intention of increasing public safety and access was their primary
intention, and if they used the "kill to birds with one stone" (pun
intended) logic, then it should not surprise us, as that is an efficient
use of resources, at least from an economic standpoint.  While we would
probably rather they built a nice wooden boardwalk instead, the costs
between the two could be staggering.

I originally considered that digging new rain pools was a viable compromise
to the issue, however, I begin to question that approach.  It well known
that standing water is a breeding zone for mosquitoes.  One thing that I am
not certain of is whether the rain pools of Hammonasset actually have ever
served as a breeding zone for mosquitoes or if mosquitoes have been a
problem for visitors (campers and beach-goers).  I would conclude that if
mosquitoes were/are a problem, it might result in the use of pesticides for
control, which could have a broader impact on the birds than the loss of a
few rain pools.  This is however much speculation, and I will defer to
others to answer this question.

Michael Richardson
Norwalk, CT

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As an interesting aside to this ongoing conversation regarding the paving
and the pools that have been filled in.  My room mate who doesn't even
follow this blog drove home from the New Haven area to here in Waterford on
I-95 noticed that the highway is being scraped near Hammonasset, and
posited that what is really going on is that they needed a convenient place
to dump the tailings from this work.

The connection makes sense, and if so - obviously no natural or wetland
concerns were part of the equation.  Only convenience for DOT.

Patrick Smith
Waterford CT

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