[CT Birds] asphalt millings

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 11:15:28 EDT 2013

These millings are being used in places where they should not be. An
example is the use of them on a footpath along a wetland in one of
Shelton's Open Space Areas. During periods of heavy rains, the footpath
became soggy along the edge of the wetland, so it was covered with millings
and compressed. In the process, species of wetland wildflowers and sedges
were lost. Many butterfly species which sought nectar and perhaps laid eggs
on the host species disappeared from that section as well.  The heat is
overwhelming there on summer days, as the black asphalt turns the stretch
involved into an oven.

Building a simple crossing with raised wooden planks would have sufficed,
but instead cubic yards of ugly asphalt were dumped into an attractive

Charlie Barnard Jr
Stratford, CT

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