[CT Birds] Hammonassett Asphalt Millings

Patrick psmithct at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 24 12:51:47 EDT 2013

Asphalt scrapings would never be dumped in a landfill.  Asphalt is recycled at plants where it is reheated and used on roads. Clearly there is no coincidence that the material is being used at Hammonasset and it is convenient, but also, clearly it is not ecologically sensitive, and clearly the material leaches petroleum. 

Also, might it be worth investigating whether this is a sound practice, or merely an expedient one.  Could you imagine the uproar that would be raised if the earth dug up around an abandoned gasoline station was trucked to the state park and dumped on a path, or in vernal pools?

If a pattern is emerging here, where from Sherwood Island, Hammonassett and other state parks this practice is policy, DEP should explain it as such, and explain why and  grass and gravel lots are to the detriment of the environment or beach goers.

Patrick Smith
Waterford,  CT

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