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As Frank stated I believe when 95 was milled and repaved several years ago they dumped those tailings once again at Sherwood Island. The same parking lot near East Beach and the nature center and the path near West Beach which leads out towards the osprey nest. At first I thought it was a good way of recycling but now realize the damage it is causing. If it's too late to petetion the govenor and ask for a hearing at the capital maybe future destruction of habitat can be avoided.

That's what is wrong about the federal goverment as well as the state and towns and cities in our state do what you like when and where without thinking of the long turn consequnces.

Here in Brookfield where I don't live thank thw heavans it' all about money and taxes these corporations generate build and build the million dollar strecth is now the billion dollar highway not to mention the added traffic and exhaust pollution not to mention noise pollution

Now just the opposite happens in Ridgefield where I lived for 5 years no commercial building housing on 2 acre lots and the town buying up vast parcels of land to keep forever as open space for the animals and birds with many people donating land to the town for open and natural spaces, so it can be done. It just needs citizens and towns commited to such important land.

It's not to late I hope to make our feelings known to the powers that be. I remember a few tears at Hammo in that very parking lot after a major rain storm more tree swallows bathing and enjoying the ponds than I could count will they be gone this year only time will tell. 

Here in New Milford Wal Mart wanted to build a super store on a piece of open land at first it was a go but enough people voiced their opinion and the projected was stopped for the time being let's hope it stays that way.

Major peojects can be stopped while others will move on because of greed ans money and towns with the foeesight for future generations will see that land is preserved.

The USA is still the best place to live despite the envirnonmental damage that we have created. Mother nature always wins in the end just look what Super Storm Sandy did. Yes many people severely put out but that's the price one pays for living on the water.

To end for me that's what makes the MCC so special for me the water, sounds and solitude from New Milfotd and the ruralness of  it despite Candlewood Lake which is my back yard ... For you that know homes built on every square in of water front property and the noise and boat traffic.

Let's start yelling and start changing things it's not to late.

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