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John, Thank you for your persistance in pursuing this issue.May I also suggest that any communications, especially e-mails, be cc'd to your state reps andsenators, and hey, why not our governor.  If many of us speak up, this could also bring more pressureto bear on DEEP's policy of parks mis-manangement, which is also a problem in towns around the state.   Hopefully, we could encourage a more open dialogue that includes public input resulting in a more wholistic, environmentally-wiser practice of parks management that would benefit habitats and wildlife.  We all know this can be done and be a win/win for both wildlife and humans.  The challengeis to create the will to change very outdated concepts of parks where nature was something to be "conquered", landscapes were molded, reshaped, solely for human activities and aesthetics, to onethat is more attuned with the natural world, not against it. Meredith SampsonOld Greenwich 
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June 24:  This morning I had written again to Commissioner Esty suggesting that an open meeting be scheduled for a general airing of concerns and public Q&A over "improvements" in Connecticut Parks as it relates to wildlife. In response, I received this afternoon a phone call from Tom Tyler who is the Director of State Parks. We talked for about 20 minutes. 

I am told that the park managers' concerns at Hammonasset have to do largely with pedestrian traffic vis-a-vis auto traffic. They wished to create a new pedestrian pathway adjacent to the one way road at the nature center so as to keep beach goers, who had parked their cars

on the field and were heading for the beach, separate from the moving traffic going the opposite way on the one-way road adjacent to the marsh. And yes, they used the milled asphalt because it was readily available and free. And of course, as always, a good part of the impetus for creating the new pedestrian path naturally has to do with liability concerns.

Mr. Tyler did pay lip mild service to our concerns over wildlife, but he is frankly more attuned to Hammonasset's two million annual human visitors. I pressed him repeatedly to commit to having a public meeting, but while he claimed he would not rule it out, he also would not agree to it at this time. He would not give a reason.

Mr Tyler's direct phone number is 860-424-3099, and his e-mail is Tom.Tyler at CT.gov. I believe a flurry of e-mails and/or phone calls, all within a two to three day span, may convince him of the seriousness of our concern enough to schedule a meeting (which both the public and the media could attend). This is probably our last and only chance to positively affect the future of Hammonasset and other CT parks, so please, please let Mr. Tyler hear from you by phone or e-mail in the next couple of days. It doesn't have to be more than two or three sentences, but let him at least hear of your concerns. As the saying goes, speak now or forever hold your peace. Thanks.

John Schwarz

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