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Some had mentioned in a recent post about the rainpool/paving situation at hammo
About the owl incident ( Two actually ) I would like to elaborate on what exactaly transpired
With the great horned owls parents and single un-fledged offspring. This is more of a deplorable,Despicable,disgusting act then the paving/rainpool actions, as it was a direct and intentionalViolation of the owls right to occupy and breed wherever it wants to,and protected (allegedly)By the MBTA. Ironic and sickening that this heinous act was knowingly and willfully committedBy park management ( Henry Alves, 203.245.2785 ) and then instructed park maintenance to carryOut the onslaught. Also ironic and bitter is that they all wear uniforms stating the are employedBy the dept of ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION !   Great Horned Owls nest at hammo somewhere every year and park managementhave been aware of this for years. they knew the location of this nest before the first intrusion. 03.13.2013    Park management deemed it necessary to trim branches on the tree that theGHO nest was. their reason was to make the new "greenway trail" save for visitors.This was witnessed by more than several birders and photographed. the park crew startedCutting limbs and branches less than six feet at the same height as the nest. the motherOwl fled the nest and did not return for quite some time. the people who saw the act called Park management to complain and ask why they would do that. as per state protocol theIncident was swept under the rug and quelled. 05.07.2013  The management instructed the maintenance crew to remove two large conifersAdjacent to the new trail and ten feet from the GHO nest which now contained lone owlet.the baby was about two weeks to fledging. I was observing the baby for at least two weeksAt least three times a week. was waiting for it to " branch" as to try to get a pic of it out of the manMade nest. Another birder,naturalist,conservationist was also monitoring the baby owl and observedIt the morning of the seventh, he returned again late morning and saw the state crew removing the Tree's and chipping them, and asked the state worker why are you doing this again and the workerReplied " the baby owl fledged two weeks ago and he had to make the park safe for the new trailAnd the park is opening in two weeks "  I arrived there at about 4:30 and the crew was done and about to leave.I spoke the other monitor and he said the owlet was gone from the nest and that he had been lookingFor it. we then started looking again with no results. he returned the next morning and relocated the babyIn a ditch ensconced in sticker bushes, it had been forced to flee the nest before it was able to fly and out ofSheer terror and fright it leapt out of the nest and spent the night ( a cold wet night ) dislocated from it'sParents and nest, vulnerable to predation and eventual death without food being supplied by the parents.The park management knew before the first incident the the nest was there and proceeded to violate itWithout any concern as to the detriment of the owls,and then they did it again and chased the baby from the nest.Intentional and on purpose. the park can say that they were not aware of the importance of the railpoolsOr the east beach lot,but not the owls nest.it was in the same place last year and park management was aware then.This is the most sickening act of cruelty to wildlife I have ever encountered and I tried to forget aboutIt as it really did make me sick. 05.07.2013 Later that evening a placed a call to NFWS about the owl incident and was told toCall "special" agent tom ricardi ( 860.280.4894 ) as he was the one to enforce and investigateSuch violations. I called the number and left a detailed message as to what had transpired andThat I had eyewitness accounts and photographic documentation and to please return my callAnd let me know what is going on. several more calls and messages and still no response fromThe "special" agent. never did hear from him. I was informed by an audubon chapter that theyHeard that the nfws referred the "investigation" over to the deep. oh really..........like havingEric holder investigate eric holder !!  would be nice if everyone could be their own judge and jury.Everyone would be innocent. calls to the deep as to who was investigating and what was Transpiring led to being put on hold and being disconnected, never got any info at all. Again another government agency ignoring and quelling and sweeping under the rug negativeIssues.    The park supervisor should be fired, if this happened in new york he would have been already.There was an incident at robert moses state park on  long island where there was a fox den withKits within the park, the supervisor lived onsite and was raising some sort of game birds and the foxWould raid it to feed her young. the supervisor then tried to get rid of the foxes, but so many peopleKnew about them and went to see and feed them and when they found out that the supervisor of thePark was harassing and trying to chase them off they raised hell with the state and the supervisor was Terminated. for me the way hammo and all the ct parks are mismanaged is a lot more profoundAs I was born and raised on long island and the state parks there are very regulated and patrolledand the park police do not fuck around. no dogs are ever permitted any time of year at all of theOcean and sound beach parks,this includes county and town parks. you must obtain a permit to Fly model airplanes and only at a select few parks. same applies for metal detectors. so the hammoSituation is foreign to me. these regulations are in place for very good and obvious reasons. Hammo is like a border town in the old west,lawless and unprotected, Steve M posted a while backAbout he witnessed and documented a legion of kids and their parents hacking at the branchesAnd limbs of the west end pine tree's where the crossbills were, raping the tree's and stealingThe cones to make wreaths to sell for christmas, they were using hockey sticks. every yearWhen the mushrooms sprout  in the grass of the median between the in/out roads peopleCome and pick every one of them. I have seen people coming from "shell beach" with garbageBags full of shells, one guy had his car stopped in the road and had the trunk open and he andHis wife were loading the trunk with bags of shells. I enlightened him as to state law that noFlora and fauna including shells,sand etc are allowed to be removed and that was a crime.He put the shells back. this is not really an enforcement issue, whether there are parkPolice there all the time or never there, it's the attitude of the people. people here are justUsed to taking and doing whatever they want at hammo because it has always been that way.Dogs running around off leash is a major problem at hammo and in the off season it is inundated with them.I have seen guys with bird dogs command their unleashed dogs to " get the birds" it really is ct's largest dog park.Imagine the outcry and fervor if the deep said dogs are prohibited from hammo anytime. there would beProtests and demonstrations and it would be on the news. I have had dogs on long island and a lot of My friends and relatives did and so did many of the three million people who live there do and I haveNever ever heard any talk or complaining or wondering why dogs can't go on the beach or in the parks.We know as new york state knows the reason dogs are not permitted and we concur wholeheartedly.And have no issue with any of the regulations.  All the attention and reaction to and subsequent rallying to call and email deep officials and stateLawmakers is fantastic to see, but another unfortunate reality is that all the emails and calls andMeetings between deep and audubon or whoever will just be a lesson in futility, as they know onlyA small amount of people are raising a stink and the emails and calls and meetings are not publicized.Behind closed doors, the state will say nice things and that they will work on change just to appeaseThe immediate outcry that thay have to deal with ,for now until it simmers down and people forgetOr give up, as in all government scandals they are well trained in how to suppress it and cover it up . I bet if two hundred people showed up at hammo, at the entrance holding signs with the pic ofThe baby owl in the sticker bushes and of the baby willets I rescued that were entangled in kite lineor the pic's I have of the huge piles of horse shit right in the middle of a paved walkway. hold signsSaying "hammo kills wildlife"  and " what happened to owlie? chant,rally,protest, demonstrate,The dog contingent would certainly assemble if the state banned dogs from all the parks.Is it unlawful ( would not surprise me in ct) to obtain a permit to assemble and protest ?If I called any local tv news station and told them that there was a huge protest/rally plannedAt the entrance of hammonasset they would be all over it and it would be aired. with all theChapters of the national audubon in ct and the resources they have why can't the organizeAnd fund a protest or rally and mass media exposure ??? where are they now??????? Call the nfws agent and the deep about the so called "investigation" in to the violation ofThe MBTA and the possible killing of the owlet, and see what you get...the state is playing All of us for fools do not mistake that ! of course one must try political correctness and tactAnd cordiality even though we know that it is in vain. really the time is now to rise up andBring this to a level that will be viewed by millions on the mainstream media. let's organizeA demonstration at hammo, let's go audubons......time to sack up....rally your troops and assemble!!  Let me hear the battle cry..................   Calling on the wind............ Let me see the banners fly.................   Before the storm begins..................... Photos of baby owl in sticker bushes and chain saw weilding park worker scant feet from nest.       http://www.flickr.com/photos/97947270@N03/        John Pfitzner               


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