[CT Birds] Pleasure Beach

kevindoyle01 at charter.net kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Wed Jun 26 11:03:19 EDT 2013

With all the issues at Hammo now I've read in the CT Post, where 
Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch has worked out a deal to revitalize the park 
(Pleasure Beach) with 2 water taxis and bring the people back. Does he 
not realize there are 4 osprey pole nests there and one nest on each 
radio tower plus piping plovers & Least Terns? And who knows what else. 
Why do we need parks on every piece of water front property especially 
where birds live?

There appears to be enough issues with the sand bars at the MCC who will 
patrol Pleasure Beach to keep people away from the ospreys and not walk 
where the other birds are nesting? I don't know enough about Pleasure 
Beach in it's hey-day when it was the place to go but maybe since it's 
decline the birds have returned since humans are far & few. I've 
discussed this with the Milford Audubon this spring when we first read 
about it and now it looks like a reality. Does anyone have 
ideas/suggestions on how to stop it (which we can't, I think) but to 
minimize human interference?

Lastly I hate to think of the trash and garbage that will be left behind 
and people bringing over dogs, there are two areas in Danbury I use and 
I'm beyond tired of you know what. Anyway another state or local entity 
not fully thinking out the consequences of their actions.

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