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Kevindoyle01 kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Wed Jun 26 14:21:23 EDT 2013


Great idea photograph every piece of human left behind trash and email it to the powers that be. But just who do we hit with them?

People I believe technically aren't supposed to fish off the rocks on Stratford Point at least while it's open, Scott might know more on this but people go around the fence and walk the beach until they reach the rocks. I've seen them carrying coolers I'd guess with food, small grills ... Stuff to eat then leave everything when they leave even jamming it into the rocks thinking they're hiding it from prying eyes. Now don't me wrong it's not everyone but one is more than enough to get others to do the same thing.

I thought CT had dog lease laws about letting dogs run loose and picking up thier waste. Tarrywile in Danbury has dog waste stations everywhere, if you can believe it many have told it's good for the environment and what do I think "GREEN" stands for!!! I just anyway shaking my head.

We've all seen trash so as Mark said, start documenting it and let our elected officals know. I'm starting tomorrow.

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