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Mardi Dickinson mardi1d at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 17:36:52 EDT 2013

Mark, et al,

Interesting you mention this Mark.  I have been pulling together some information on these very subjects for a possible blog post. 
Like many, I have stepped up and written emails in detail. I have alerted the media about these recent issues. The more constructive 
& specific bullet points issues  to be made with images and video can be powerful. I agree and think its a great idea. Today's PR world
is Social Media platforms. Like Twitter, It is a great media tool that gets to the masses lightening fast with a link attached. 

However, I also think we need to stick to the issues at hand that pertain to birds, conservation on at least this forum. Don''t get me wrong, 
all of the issues that have been talked about do tie together but one thing at a time. First, We ALL need to come together in unity and drive 
home those important issues regularly to make the point. Not just once in awhile or the people that always do...  but the ones that just talk 
about it and never do anything! Stop yacking about it folks and be proactive. Roll up your sleeves and get to work with facts and proof to 
present in a constructive manner.

With such great ideas from Mark and others. I look forward to seeing and reading your results.

Mardi Dickinson
Norwalk, CT

On Jun 26, 2013, at 11:48 AM, Mark Szantyr wrote:

> You know, i am usually frightened by the implications of the DHS slogan, " if you see something, say something."  But i think we have found a new use for the sentiment that could work. There are a lot of us in the field and at state parks. Many of us carry digital cameras and video cams. We should be recording and documenting every travesty and wrong perpetrated on OUR state parks that will take away from the environmental soundness of the park,by its management, or its users. Dogs off leashes, kite detritus left behind, fishing line and litter discarded in the wild, owl nests being destroyed, rain pools being filled, walkways being parked on, etc. we should document this and flood the media with these images. We should have a tech savvy member of the group start a blog of these things. Not just images but stories and annecdotes. Even rumors!   Maybe we could have a weekly message to the DEEP with a report card grading the weekly " environmental protection" activities. Maybe a Twitter account to report incidents as they are happening...
> Arab Spring like coverage could prevent Silent Spring results at our parks. 
> Mark 
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