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Breslin, Sandy sbreslin at audubon.org
Thu Jun 27 13:18:57 EDT 2013

Hi All,

Thanks to your complaints, CEQ formally took up the Hammo issue at their meeting yesterday. I was there to answer questions and provide some photos. The Council was very supportive!

Karl Wagener (Executive Director) was able to show the members a Google Earth image of the Meig's Point area and I had brought a recent photograph showing the filling. CT does not currently have regulations re the use of RAP, but I did find some NJ regulations prohibiting use of this product in or near wetlands. New CEQ member, Dr. Michael Klemens mentioned the need to remove the materials quickly if it is going to be removed at all. Some concerns were expressed about damage from removing the material.

CEQ will be contacting DEEP on the Hammo issue and the broader need to manage the parks with bird habitat and birders in mind. I also asked them to consider the issue of staffing for DEEP Non Game Wildlife. DEEP still has not hired a replacement for Julie Victoria, despite the fact that they advertised the position, interviewed candidates and I think chose some finalists - last summer. From all the discussion, it seemed clear that the Council will be an effective ally in our efforts to find a long lasting solution to this problem.

Some new members on the Council include: Dr. Klemens, who will be a great advocate for wildlife; Sue Merrow, former national President of Sierra Club, who is the new chair; Dr. James O'Donnell from UCONN Avery Point, a LIS expert who chairs the EPA LIS Study Science and Technical Committee; and Lee Dunbar, recently retired Assistant Director, Bureau of Water Management and Land Re-Use, Planning and Standards Division at DEEP. Full Council membership: http://www.ct.gov/ceq/cwp/view.asp?a=985&q=248722

Also on the agenda were the bad ATV bill and Madison land transfer.


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