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Fri Jun 28 17:22:04 EDT 2013

Thanks for all the advise you gave me regarding my talk with the store about the nesting CLIFF SWALLOWS in New Hartford. Went today to Marendenos grocery store and the owner said they have been there before years ago, and he welcomes them and will not disturb them. I told him I would post this sighting if others in our network want to go and see them, and he said "please do." They are in New Hartford, going west on rt 44 a few miles out of Canton on the left. Their nests are under the drip eves right near the stores entrance. Some are down a piece as well. So more Cliff Swallows into the airs of CT!

Also - Had an Osprey fly over the house today! Where is he from? was going west real low. Don't know of any in this area. Also-Had three sightings in different areas of N Hartford of PURPLE FINCH. Been seeing more of them this year up here than ever. 

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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