[CT Birds] Birds & Bats

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 28 21:01:50 EDT 2013

Hummingbird contact - I was sitting in the adirondack chair under under the patio overhang when I heard chattering in the flower garden about 8 feet away.  A female hummer was hovering low and a male started looping up and down so I watched.  They both darted under the patio and one grazed me in the back of the neck.  I like to get close to birds but . . .  

6 LBBs -   2 Large Brown Bats and 4 Little Brown Bats, circling our yard.  This is the largest increase in about 5 years so perhaps a comeback since white-nosed syndrome.  Just in time for the large mosquito outbreak we are experiencing here in Hadlyme.

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